CGG2013a is the new default geoid

Help for GPS·H

GPS·H allows the conversion of ellipsoidal heights h, that are either NAD83 (CSRS) or ITRF, to orthometric heights H (heights above mean sea level) by using a gravimetric or hybrid geoid model. CGG2013 and HTv2_0 convert to CGVD2013 and CGVD28, respectively. The other geoid models do not convert to either CGVD2013 or CGVD28, but to their own reference system.

The on-line version accepts the following types of input coordinates: geographic, Cartesian and UTM/MTM/Stereographic. By clicking the "Batch Processing" box, you can submit coordinates in a file. The "Input H" box is for the reversed conversion (H to h).

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h (metres)
N (metres)
H (metres)
Gravity (mGal)
Hd (metres)

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