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Station Report

Site Identification

Name Province NTS map sheet Unique Number Provincial Identifier Network
BM LOCK British Columbia 082F05 70C211 49117

Horizontal Data

Coordinates scaled from map

Latitude Longitude
49° 20' 34.8" 117° 46' 30.0"
Zone Easting (metres) Northing (metres) Scale
11 443705.067 5465875.442 0.99964

Vertical Data

Vertical Datum Elevation (m) Order Gravity (mGal) Published Project ID
CGVD2013 (2010.0) 443.914 1st 980776.64 2013 H13ML1311
CGVD28 443.751 1st 981005.66 1970 VA389

The CGVD2013 height reported in the Vertical Data table is approximate because it is calculated from historical levelling data and not from the combination of GNSS and a geoid model.

Station Marker

Marker Type Inspected in Established by Status Comments
Pvc plug 1970 Canadian geodetic survey - nrcan Good None


Robson hugh keenleyside dam, located south side and centre of navigation lock, brass plug on sidewalk, 4.9 m south of edge of the lock, 5.5 m east of traffic control light.

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