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Station Report

Site Identification

Name Province NTS map sheet Unique Number Provincial Identifier Network
NORTH BARREN Nova Scotia 011K10 23105 GPS

Horizontal Data

Latitude Longitude Horizontal Datum Order Method Published Year
46° 42' 9.1438" 60° 35' 54.8684" NAD83 Consult agency (unique condition) Multiple methods 1990-01-01 00:00:00.0
Zone Easting (metres) Northing (metres) Scale
20 683577.4 5174910.061 1.00001

Vertical Data

Approximate Elevation: 533 m

Station Marker

Marker Type Inspected in Established by Status Comments
Permanent agency marker 1987 Canadian geodetic survey - nrcan Good None


Accessible by helicopter and a walk of less than 50 m.

On a large, flat hill, covered by small spruce trees, in the s part of cape breton highlands national park, approx 33 km ne of cheticamp and 18 km w of ingonish. Reached by heli- copter in 1976. Mkd by a gsc br tab set in the top of a conc pier on a small bedrock outcrop. Sta is stpd 23105 and is referenced by 3 ref marks stpd 23105a, 23105b and 23105c accordingly. A survey sign post was set in rock 0.92 m s.

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