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Gravity Network (CGSN)

Help for Gravity Network (CGSN)

The Canadian Gravity Standardization Network (CGSN) includes some 6,000 control stations distributed throughout Canada. However, about 1,500 of them remain active. The adjustment of the CGSN is based on the International Gravity Standardization Net (IGSN71).

Information about selected stations can be downloaded in several formats from the "Download" section. To select stations, use the checkboxes under the tab "Map" or "Stations List". Search results are shown on the map and are added to the stations list.

You can search for a station by name in the "Find a station" section. You can also define a search area in four ways:

  1. Changing the visible map area
  2. NTS map sheet
  3. Radial search
  4. Geographic bounds

Find a station

Separate stations by comma

Network Search

Define search area

NTS map sheet
Radial search
Geographic bounds



Stations List

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